Yes, I’m still on holidays, and no, my proof reader isn’t quite done yet.  How long before Dunmoore Book 2 is ready, you ask?  About eighty pages were left to proof as of last Sunday, so I’m expecting a email with the last comments any time now.  In the meantime, I’ve been committing violence on little white balls with high-tech clubs, and I’m happy to say that this morning’s round went much better than Monday’s.  Perhaps it’s because, with the stress of work finally draining away, I’m no longer holding my clubs as if they were the necks of people I want to choke, but as they should be held.  Suffice to say that the second half of this morning’s round saw good distance and accuracy for the first time this season.  I’ve also put a good 17,000 words into the second Decker’s War novel over the weekend and it’s already past the half-way point.  I’ll likely get back to it tomorrow, now that I’ve decided on how the next act will unfold.  That being said, if I could just keep from trying to slice my fingertips off with that fancy (and very sharp) new kitchen knife I recently acquired to process all manner of vegetables, I’d be in pig heaven.

I’ll leave you with a short video clip culled from the Astronomy Picture of the Day archives.  It’s truly worth a look if you want some science-fictiony inspiration.  Enjoy: