I’m just about at the half-way mark of my much anticipated summer break and the living is easy.  Catching up on sleep was job one, and that’s working out okay.  Mrs Thomson and I played nine holes of golf on Wednesday, and even though we hadn’t hit a ball in almost a year (surgery last July put an end to sports for a few months), we sucked a lot less than we thought.  I only lost three balls.  I even managed to spend a few hours with my old hobbies, creating something other than a story for others to enjoy.  Speaking of stories, my proof reader has been sending me feedback as she’s going along so as I predicted, I couldn’t stay far from the keyboard.  She was up to page 200 on her last return and the book is 366 pages long, so we’re well along.  I was very happy that she picked up on some of my writing tics and that she challenged some of my turns of phrase, so by the time we’re done the book will be that much better for it.  I also managed to put in almost 6,000 words on the second Decker’s War book in the last two days and I’m almost at the half-way mark with that story.  Taking a break from my day job seems to have no effect on my staying away from my second job as writer.  I anticipate another round of golf early next week, seeing as how much I enjoyed the last one, and perhaps by the end of my vacation, I’ll be able to entertain my readers with the next Dunmoore.  Stay tuned, as they say in showbiz.