As we’re on the eve, so to speak, of the publication of the second Dunmoore adventure, I thought I’d share a bit of where I see the series going over the next few years. First of all, as I may have mentioned before, I don’t intend to write Dunmoore novels beyond a certain point, lest I fall into the all too common trap of writing dreck for the sake of keeping a series going. I’m already outlining Book 3 in the depths of my ever fertile mind, and know that at the end of it, there will be a bit of a shift in her life. After that, we’ll see in good time. I do know that Dunmoore has a long career, even after the conclusion of the Shrehari War, but will it be worthy of a few novels? It depends. What I would like to do is explore her past. Two significant incidents I’ve already mentioned in Book 1, and again in Book 2, are worthy of novel-length treatment, one centering around her first starship command, the scout Don Quixote, in the weeks and days before and after the outbreak of the war as the Commonwealth was reeling under the Shrehari assault, events that occurred five years prior to No Honor in Death. The other concerns the time she was banished to the notoriously corrupt and inefficient Sigmae Noctis Fleet Depot as first officer, after a Board of Inquiry didn’t take kindly to her losing her second command, events that occurred two years prior to No Honor in Death. I’ve been mulling over those stories for a long time and they’re fairly well fleshed out. Perhaps after Book 3, I’ll take a tour into her past and show my readers how the woman who now commands the Stingray became who she is, grey hairs and all.