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Month: January 2015

Death Comes But Once – Second Edition

I’ve been wanting to get Death Comes But Once ready for publication as a paperback, and turned it over to an editor so I could concentrate on writing the second Dunmoore novel. It turns out she did such a superb job with the narrative that her suggestions cut over 8,000 words from the book, bringing the total to just under 125,000 words, while simultaneously tightening up the story, making it more zippy, snappy…you know what I mean. With her help, the tale flows even better. She also made some very pointed suggestions with character and place names to help move it along, and I’ve taken them to heart. Rest assured that nothing has changed with the story. It’s still Zack Decker against the universe, with the same villains, allies and aliens, although the back story will resonate a bit more.

I’ve also taken to heart the suggestions I received from readers, and I’d like to thank them. Authors often can’t see the forest for the trees, and we’re terribly ineffective critics of our own work. What may look fantastic to us really doesn’t resonate that well with readers. My editor cleaned up some of the stuff that was pointed out to me as detracting from the tale.

The re-edited version of Death Comes But Once is now with the printers for the final proof prior to publication. In the meantime, I’ve re-issued the ebook as a second edition and it’s available through all my sales channels. You’ll find the edition number noted below the copyright at the beginning of the book.  If you haven’t tried Death Comes But Once yet, perhaps because you thought the reviews were ‘meh’, perhaps because the Look Inside didn’t inspire you right away, you may want to check it out again.

Am I planning a sequel? Possibly. Right now I have the second Dunmoore to finish. After that we’ll see what inspires me.

Eric Thomson’s Books Now Available for the tolino eReader

I’m very pleased to announce that my European readers can now buy my books for the tolino eReader at a number of retailers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium.

A partial list of the German retailers carrying my books is as follows:

Death Comes But Once

No Honor in Death

Siobhan Dunmoore Book 2

I’ve been asked by many readers if and when there will be a next Dunmoore novel.  Yes there will be.  I have started to write it, but it’s been slow going.  Since I work a full-time job, I do my writing in the evenings and weekends, and life, especially my family, takes priority.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been busy updating No Honor in Death and Death Comes But Once to prepare them for the paperback version, incorporating some of the helpful comments I’ve received from readers.  One paperback has been published and I’m still proofing the second one.

I’ll leave my readers with a very short teaser.  Book 2, whose title will probably be decided the night before publication, picks up many months after the end of Book 1.

The Stingray has received a limited refit and has been reassigned to duties that take it far from the Shrehari front.  That does not mean its missions are without peril.  Pirates, and worse, lurk in the depths of the Coalsack Sector, and do their best to snatch merchant ships from under the nose of a Navy whose ships are never in the right place at the right time.   When a merchantman owned by a powerful shipping conglomerate is destroyed just as Dunmoore and the Stingray come to the rescue, its crew and passengers kidnapped, her old political enemies resurface to point the finger of blame. Hampered by her own superiors and assigned the duty every Captain dreads, Dunmoore is faced with a deepening mystery that takes her into the Coalsack’s heart of darkness.  Not all her enemies wear the Imperial uniform and not all her allies wear a Navy tunic. Thrust into a secret frontier war between factions who would do better to unite against the Shrehari, she must once again find the truth before she, and the crew of the Stingray, find an inglorious end, even if that end is not under a barrage of Shrehari missiles, but the displeasure of a rotten political establishment.

As a word of caution – the above might change as I write the novel.  My characters have a way of taking charge and pulling the plot in directions I cannot begin to anticipate.  As of today, I have about twenty percent of the story written, which leaves Siobhan Dunmoore, Gregor Pushkin, Chief Guthren and the others much scope to surprise me.  For the Brakal fans out there, I don’t know if he’ll show up in this one.  He has his own troubles, and Fleet Intelligence has so far failed to let me know what became of him when he returned to the home world.  But have no fear, Captain Dunmoore will no doubt have her hands full with whatever foes she faces in the Coalsack, and some of them might even be as honorable in their own way as her old enemy Brakal.

When will it be ready you ask.  Your guess is as good as mine.  I’d like to have it out by the summer, but since the editing and review process takes just as long, if not longer than writing the first draft, I’ll make no predictions.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

New sales channels

Beginning January 19, 2015, No Honor in Death is available as an ebook in Nook, Kobo, iBook and other formats through these additional retailers:

It will, of course, remain available on Amazon:

No Honor in Death now available in paperback

On January 17, 2015, the much-praised novel No Honor in Death, featuring Commander Siobhan Dunmoore of the Commonwealth Navy and the crew of her starship, the missile frigate Stingray, was published in paperback, and will be available through Amazon, Createspace and other retailers at a suggested retail price of $13.99 US or its equivalent in GBP and Euros.

I would like to thank all my readers who provided helpful suggestions to improve the novel even further.  I have included a number of these suggestions in the updated edition of the ebook in preparation for the publication of the paperback version.  I would also like to thank my editor – you know who you are – for scolding me about my over-use of hyphens in the earlier edition.